Maurer's Music Mayhem

May 8th, 2013

15 of 70 pounds lost (2187630337% complete)

519 of 1200 miles biked (43% complete)

10 of 52 weeks updated (19% complete)

Based on the day of the year, I’m behind on my weight loss but ahead on my miles ridden. I should be at 35% of my goals. (Yup, I’m a numbers guy and this kind of analysis helps me stay focused!)

Kara Graduates!

May 5th, 2013
Proud Papa Alert

Kara and dad at Graduation Banquet

Kara graduated from George Fox University today. I’m so proud of her achievements and grace as she has navigated 17 years of schooling. She is a modest young lady. We know she is a brilliant young woman, but it wasn’t until we got to graduation yesterday that we found out she is one of 29 Presidential Scholars, graduated Summa Cum Laude (GPA of 3.9 or higher), and is the cutest graduate to shake President Baker’s hand.

OK, we already knew she was cute! 😉

Nope, this dad isn’t proud or anything!