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God in a Box

January 25th, 2009

In church today, Pastor Gregg talked about the presence of God. In Old Testament times, God’s presence was represented by the Ark of the Covenant. But in Jeremiah 3:16, God promised that he would be present in his people directly, so much so that the people wouldn’t need the Ark any more, wouldn’t even think about it.

That got me thinking about how I still put God in a box, granted mine isn’t as beautiful as the Ark of the Covenant was. I think my God box is like a can of paint. I keep it on the shelf of my life. I don’t carry it around because many of my actions and thoughts aren’t really pleasing to Him. But when I need His covering, or to look good to others, I pull down my God can and cover over the unsightly things in my life.

Oh how I want to have God deep within me, oozing out of my pores so that all my thoughts, all my actions, all my desires, are not only pleasing to Him, but are based in Him. I want to be based IN Christ, not based ON God. I long to rid myself of my sinful ways, and replace that black tar with the redeeming light of God.

This also got me thinking about God’s “physical touch.” Readers of this blog will know that I’ve lamented that God doesn’t touch me personally like my family or friends do. I suppose God allows himself to remain in the paint can on my shelf where I’ve put him. And it is difficult to reach out and touch someone when you’ve been put at a distance. God is a master of restraint. Because I’m sure there are times he would like to reach out of that can and whoop me upside the head!

My prayer today is for the indwelling of God in my life. I pray for softness and willingness to let go of my sinful ways. I pray for God to clean those unsightly spots out and replace it with an inward filling of His light. I pray that all my actions and attitudes are His, shining, oozing, and seeping out of the very core of my being. I pray that I will be wrapped up in and completely filled with the living, active, present Christ.

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