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Palm OS & Windows 64-bit

October 24th, 2012

Jen and I are avid GeoCachers. We download between 200 & 500 geocaches in a pocket query and then load those onto three GPSrs and a Palm Tungsten E. This gives us ultimate capability with no paper. These devices work much better out in the woods where there is no cell phone service than our smart phones.

I upgraded my computer this week to a 64-bit Windows Pro machine. There are updated apps and drivers for all my utilities and programs EXCEPT my Palm. ARGH!

So, after a bit of searching on Google, I find Aceeca, a New Zealand based company that uses Palm in their rugged barcode and RFID scanners. And they have built drivers for 64-bit machines to use the PalmOS!

A few mouse clicks later, my Tungsten is back up and running using data from my 64-bit machine.

Man I love technology!


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