Maurer's Music Mayhem

February 27th, 2013

78 of 70 pounds lost (11.4% complete)

18 of 500 miles run (3.6% complete)

91 of 1200 miles biked (7% complete)

5 of 52 weeks updated (9.6% complete)

I must admit, since I started riding a road bike again, I’m not all that excited about running / jogging any more. I’m having a blast riding. So I may have to put in more saddle time to compensate for the lack of pavement pounding. We’ll see.

The Answer to Prayer Bike

February 16th, 2013

About a year ago, I started riding my bike again. After more than 2 decades, I added bike riding to my new health regiment. I was riding a mountain bike that I purchased shortly after Jen and I were married. I put on close to 500 miles last season and was remembering why I loved riding so much.

A couple of my friends encouraged me to buy a road bike as that would be much easier for the type of riding I was doing, as opposed to the modified Diamond Back I was riding. The 80 mile rides would be less painful and more fun on a bike designed for road riding. I decided that I would see if riding stuck for more than a year before making a cash investment in something that I might not use.

Flash forward to 2013. I’m still riding and still loving it. So I decided to kick a few tires and see what a road bike might cost me. A couple of bike shop visits proved frustrating. The kind of bike I wanted was seriously outside of my budget. I had resigned myself to continuing another season using what I had. I did pray about it, though. I said, “God, if you want me to get into a road bike again, you are going to have to work your magic, because I can’t see it happening.”

Almost exactly a week later, I got an email from a friend that included a link to a Craigslist ad for a used bike. “I think this might be perfect for you,” he said. I looked at the listing and was intrigued but knew that there was no way I could afford what the seller was asking. My friend told me that he had talked with the bike owner and thought he might be able to swing a trade deal.

The answer to prayer bike.

The answer to prayer bike.

Now I’m not one that enjoys taking hand-outs. I pride myself in working hard to earn the things I have. But I was reminded of my prayer just a week earlier. “Is this you answering prayer?” I prayed. It seems it was. After putting my pride aside and being willing to accept how God works “outside the box,” I had a new-to-me Trek 1400 bike sitting in my garage.

I am thankful to God for his provision. I am thankful for my friend who followed God’s nudging. I am thankful for the bike owner who was willing to trade rather than sell. I’m still learning to recognize God’s provision. Many times it is through my hard work. But sometimes… sometimes I think God just chuckles as he works his magic in his own unique way… in spite of me.

January 2nd, 2013

At the beginning of last year, I was on the tail end of a 70 pound weight loss. I was eating healthy and exercising regularly. But then in March everything went south. I stopped exercising regularly and stopped being careful with my caloric intake. Flash forward 9 months, and I’ve gained back 45 of those lost pounds and my exercise regiment has gone out the window.

So, for 2013, I’m going to try something a little different. My brother inspired me by posting his mileage goal on his Facebook page. I came up with a number and then on my run today (starting off right!) thought, I should check and see what I did for distances last year. My tentative goals were almost exactly twice what I did in 2012.

One of the things that worked for me last year, was being accountable to friends online. I use Runkeeper to track my workouts, but decided I wanted to make my accountability reports a bit more public so that more folks could encourage me. So if you are reading this… I give you permission to hold me accountable this year!

OK, so what are my health and fitness goals this year?

  1. Run 500 miles
  2. Bike 1,200 miles (which includes riding the Seattle to Portland bike ride)
  3. Lose 70 pounds
  4. Log my progress publicly on my blog (which connects to Facebook)

There you have it. Now I give you permission to give me a bad time if I’m not making progress on these goals! 😀