Maurer's Music Mayhem


April 7th, 2012

Music plays an important part of my life, whether playing it, listening to it, or the business aspects of it. This section of my page highlights my involvement in music, more specifically in Christian music.

I always have music playing. OK, maybe not when I’m sleeping. But while at work, at home, in the car, you will find me listening to something that moves me. I’m not real partial to a specific style. Rock, Country, Jazz, Blues, Worship, Brass, Pop… it’s all good.

Independent Musicians
I also have a real passion for the independent musician. My feeling is that indie musicians are usually where the cutting edge of music is found. They don’t have the pressures of satisfying a record label executive’s idea of what innovative really is. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for record labels, too. But the good, fresh stuff usually comes from the minor leagues of music.

My Personal Music History

Ever since grade school, music has been an important part of my life. I’m sure it will continue to be that way until I head to the great rock concert in the sky. This is a brief history of my musical journey, highlighting the most significant parts.

1976 – Started playing trumpet in 4th grade

1980 – Got my first Christian music cassette: Imperials – Priority

1981 – Bought my new Vincent Bach Strad Trumpet

1984 – Worked as a Disc Jokey at KSPD in Boise, ID

1985 – Made the move to new technology and bought my first CD: DeGarmo & Key: Commander Sozo

1985 – Involved in a number of bands during college

1986 – DJ and program director of the college radio station KFOX

1989 – Promoted my first concert: Rick Cua in February 1989

1990 – Founding and current member of the NFC Brass

1990 – Started managing artists: Paul Carlson, Lavonna Zeller, Good Mud, Rich Swingle, and others

1991 – Published the Beat, a newspaper highlighting independent northwest musicians

1992 – Board operator at Spirit FM in Portland, OR

1993 – Started the JIL Music Club, a mail order music club

1994 – Started JIL Records and released six albums by NW artists

1998 – Closed down JIL Ministries

1999 – Joined the SPY Promotions & Stereo Type Music Group team as business manager

2000 – Started the Christian Music Archive

2003 – Started ccmExchange

2007 – Founding member of the Newberg Community Band

Concert Promotion
For almost 11 years, I promoted Christian concerts in the great Northwest. This is a time of my life I look back on fondly. I’m not really sure why this page belongs on my new website, other than the fact that I’m proud of this era and it reflects a major part of who I am today.

Date Artist(s) City Produced for/with:
April 28 five o’clock people
Mike Knott
Portland, OR SPY Promotions
April 27 Third Day / Jennifer Knapp Salem, OR Ground Floor Events
Nov 11 Caedmon’s Call
Bebo Norman
Jill Phillips
Eugene, OR Stereo Type Music
Mar 5 Phil Keaggy
Wes King
Scott Dente
Out of the Grey
Newberg, OR JIL Ministries
Oct 31 Geoff Moore & The Distance
Out of Eden
Smalltown Poets
Portland, OR JIL Ministries
Sept 21 Clay Crosse
Jaci Velasquez
Sunday Drive
Newberg, OR JIL Ministries
Sept 19 Skillet
Soulfood 76
The Altered
Newberg, OR JIL Ministries
May 22 Tony Vincent
Brian Todd
Lavonna Zeller-Williams
Coos Bay, OR JIL Ministries
May 10 Rebecca St. James Newberg, OR JIL Ministries
May 2 Bryan Duncan
Crystal Lewis
Portland, OR People For Christ
Apr 5 The Kry
Jennifer Knapp
Paul Carlson
Newberg, OR JIL Ministries
Feb 8 Steven Curtis Chapman
Audio Adrenaline
Carolyn Arends
Portland, OR Contemporary
Nov 3 Twila Paris
Seattle, WA Contemporary
Nov 2 Newsboys
Geoff Moore & The Distance
Plank Eye
Portland, OR Contemporary
Nov 1 Newsboys
Geoff Moore & The Distance
Plank Eye
Seattle, WA Contemporary
Nov 1 Twila Paris
Portland, OR Contemporary
Oct 12 77s
5 O’Clock People
Newberg, OR Ground Floor
Sept 28 Gary Smalley
Paul & Nicole Johnson
Seattle, WA Contemporary
Sept 27 Gary Smalley
Paul & Nicole Johnson
Portland, OR Contemporary
Sept 14 PFR
Dogs of Peace
Portland, OR Ground Floor
May 18 Imagine This
Yum Yum Children
Portland, OR Ground Floor
May 11 DC Talk
Audio Adrenaline
Tacoma, WA Contemporary
May 10 DC Talk
Audio Adrenaline
Portland, OR Contemporary
Feb 10 Point of Grace
Scott Kripayne
Beaverton, OR Contemporary
Dec 3 Audio Adrenaline
Walla Walla, WA Contemporary
Dec 2 Audio Adrenaline
Portland, OR Contemporary
Dec 1 Audio Adrenaline
Tacoma, WA Contemporary
Oct 13 PFR
Jars of Clay
Newberg, OR Contemporary
Oct 7 Rich Mullins
Ashley Cleveland
Carolyn Arends
Portland, OR Contemporary
Oct 6 Rich Mullins
Ashley Cleveland
Carolyn Arends
Seattle, WA Contemporary
May 12 Newsboys
Audio Adrenaline
Tony Vincent
Seattle, WA Contemporary
April 22 Ashton / Becker / Dente Seattle, WA Contemporary
April 21 Ashton / Becker / Dente Portland, OR Contemporary
April 1 Bryan Duncan
Bob Carlisle
Rebecca St.James
Seattle, WA Contemporary
March 31 Bryan Duncan
Bob Carlisle
Rebecca St.James
Newberg, OR Contemporary
March 5 Twila Paris
Phil Keaggy
Chris Eaton
Newberg, OR Contemporary
Jan 15 Billy & Sarah Gaines Newberg, OR JIL Ministries & GFC
Oct 14 David Mullen Newberg, OR JIL Ministries & GFC
Oct 6 PFR
Hoi Polloi
Newberg, OR JIL Ministries
Sept 24 Michael Sweet
Imagine This
Newberg, OR 28th Street/Creation
May 12 Susan Ashton
Wes King
Newberg, OR 28th Street/Creation
March 3 Bryan Duncan Newberg, OR JIL Ministries
Jan 28 Bob Carlisle Newberg, OR JIL Ministries
Nov 18 Margaret Becker Newberg, OR 28th Street Concerts
April 17 Hokus Pick
Rhythm & News
Newberg, OR JIL Ministries
March 13 Larry Norman Newberg, OR CCPC of Salem
Jan 29 Charlie Peacock Trio Newberg, OR George Fox College
July 5 Steve Camp Newberg, OR Evangelical Church
Jan 31 Morgan Cryar Newberg, OR George Fox College
Nov 4 Newsboys Newberg, OR JIL Ministries
Aug 31 Versus Newberg, OR George Fox College
Feb 1 Randy Stonehill Newberg, OR George Fox College
Nov 16 First Call Newberg, OR JIL Ministries
Sept 28 Benny Hester Newberg, OR JIL Ministries
Feb 9 Bryan Duncan Newberg, OR Assoc. Students of GFC
Feb 3 Rick Cua Newberg, OR JIL Ministries